Master of Music in Jazz Studies

Master of music in jazz studies must complete a minimum of 32 credits, 16 of which must be in the major concentration Jazz Studies, including improvisation, arranging and ensemble; 9 credits of supportive music courses, and 7 credits of electives.

Students in this program may arrange a concentration in either jazz performance or jazz arranging and composition. A qualifying recital is required at the end of the first year of study in order to remain in the program. Candidates for graduation must present a second recital of works approved by their advisor.


Master of Music in Jazz Studies: 32 credit hours

Major Area

MUSI-210 Jazz History Grad 3
MUSH-392 Improvisation 3 
MUTI-xxx Jazz Ensemble (Grad) OR
MUSH-286 Jazz Vocal Workshop 1 
MUxx-xxx Principal Instrument Grad 3 
MUSH-434 Vocal Arranging (Grad) 3 OR 
MUSH-383 Jazz Arranging I (Grad) 3 

Total Major Area ----------------------------------------- 16 Credits

Supportive Courses in Music

MUSH-300 Graduate Seminar 3
MUSH-250 Pedagogy of Improvisation 3 
MUSI-376 Electronic Music Grad 3

Total Supportive Courses in Music----------------------- 9 Credits

Electives At least seven (7) credits of the following:

MUSI- 265 Jazz Composition 3
MUxx- xxx Principal Instrument Grad 3
MUTI- xxx Jazz Ensemble (Grad) 1
MUSH-287 Jazz Vocal Workshop Grad 1
MUSI-232 Entertainment Law Grad 3
MUSI-392 Jazz Piano Grad 3
MUSH-260 Independent Study Grad 3
MUSH-434 Vocal Arranging Grad OR MUSH-xxx Jazz Arranging II (Grad)

Total Electives ----------------------------------------------- 7 Credits

Charlie Young, III, M.M., Coordinator - Instrumental Jazz Studies
Connaitre Miller, M.M., Coordinator - Vocal Jazz Studies

Jazz Faculty: Jessica Boykin-Settles, Cyrus Chestnut, Kehembe Eichelberger, Fred Irby III, Sais Kamalidiin, Gerry Kunkel, John Mercer, Steve Novosel, Chris Royal, Harold Summey, Jr., Shacara West