Graduate Audition Requirements

Graduate Audition Requirements

All audition materials are to be performed from memory, and should satisfy the following audition requirements:

Classical Instrument, including Saxophone and Guitar: Advanced technical skill on the chosen instrument.

Classical Piano: All major and minor scales and arpeggi; solo works (no concerti) from the following eras or composers: Bach, prelude and fugue from the Well Tempered Clavier, or a complete suite or other work including a movement in fugal texture; Beethoven, a complete sonata (excluding Op. 49); a 19th-century Romantic work; a 20th century work; an extended composition of the applicant's choice, e.g., a Chopin Ballade or Brahms' Rhapsody.

Classical Voice: Two songs in English; one early Italian song; two German lieder; two French songs; one aria from an opera or an oratorio; and one 20th century song.

Instrumental Jazz Studies: Advanced technical skill on the chosen instrument; good improvisation skills as they relate to standard jazz literature.

Vocal Jazz Studies: Please be prepared to present a mini-recital 25-30 minutes in length. (this will probably result in 5-6 selections). Original arrangements or original tunes encouraged. Demonstration of piano skills a plus. Selections should be in contrasting jazz styles and tempos (e.g. med. swing, fast swing, blues, ballad, bossa nova, samba, jazz waltz, etc.). Improvisation (scat singing) required for at least two tunes. Bring sheet music or lead sheets in the keys in which you sing. You may bring your own accompanist or one will be provided. An interview will follow the audition.

Please download and complete an audition form and bring it with you to your audition.