Apply and Audition – Undergraduate Study

Page Last Updated: 2020-10-31 3:14 PM EST

1. Apply to the University

All applicants to the Department of Music must apply to Howard University using the Common Application and satisfy all University academic requirements.

Prospective students are encouraged to read and comply with all University admission procedures and deadlines as set forth by the University Office of Admission.  See also Howard University Undergraduate Admission.

First Time in College

A student who has never been admitted to a degree program at Howard University or any other post-secondary institution of higher education is considered a First Time in College (FTIC) student. See

Admission Plans

As of August 2018, Howard University no longer offers Spring entry for FTIC applicants. First Time in College applicants have the opportunity to submit an application for Early Decision, Early Action or Regular Decision. 

  1. Early Decision (ED) is a binding admission plan that is designed for students whose first choice is Howard University. ED applicants may apply to other colleges/universities while we review their applications, but may only apply to one college/university early decision. In general, if an ED applicant is offered admission to Howard, he/she must withdraw all other college applications. However, ED applicants seeking financial aid need not withdraw other applications until they have received notification about financial aid.

  2. Early Action (EA) is a nonbinding admission plan. EA allows high achieving students the opportunity to receive their admission decision early in the admissions process. EA acceptance decisions are provided to students in December. Scholarships are also awarded at this time for all accepted Early Action & Early Decision applicants that meet the specific requirements. EA and ED applicants with incomplete applications after November 15th will be moved to the regular decision applicant pool.

  3. Regular Decision (RD) is a nonbinding admission plan. Under our RD admission plan, students are provided with an admission decision by early April. RD applicants with incomplete applications after March 1 will not be able to receive an admission decision. Thus, we do encourage all RD applicants to submit their admission items by our posted document deadline.

Application & Document Deadlines and Decision Dates

Application Type

Application Deadline

Document Deadline

Notification Date

Early Decision

November 1, 2020

November 15, 2020

By mid-December

Early Action

November 1, 2020

November 15, 2020

By mid-December

Regular Decision

February 15, 2021

March 15, 2021

By mid-April

2. Audition & Interview with the Department of Music

In addition to being accepted to the University, all new applicants to the Department of Music must present a successful audition and interview in order to be admitted to the Department. Former students who have not been enrolled in the Department for two or more consecutive semesters must re-audition.

Note: Admission auditions are not ensemble auditions. Ensemble auditions, held by ensemble directors near the beginning of each semester, are for enrolled students. See Ensembles for director contact information and specific ensemble audition instructions.

     a.  Changes to This Year's Admission Audition Procedure: Recorded Auditions Only

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Department of Music is requiring applicants to submit pre-recorded video admission auditions and conducting Zoom or telephone follow-up interviews for Spring 2021 and Fall 2021 admission. No in-person auditions will be held.

     b.  Deadlines for Receipt of Recorded Admission Audition Materials

The deadlines for receipt of all recorded audition materials are:

     November 15, 2020 – for admission in Spring 2021
     November 15, 2020 – for Early Action for admission in Fall 2021
     March 20, 2021 – for Regular Decision for admission in Fall 2021

     c.  How to Record and Submit Your Admission Audition

All applicants must submit a recorded audio and video audition via a private YouTube channel. No tapes, DVDs or audio-only recordings will be accepted.

There are several devices that may be used to produce a digital recording, including smartphones, iPads, tablets and computers. Please strive to make your recording of the highest possible quality, paying attention to camera and microphone placement, room acoustics and volume settings if applicable.

Many forms of instruction are available to guide you in creating your own private YouTube channel and uploading your recording.

Audition requirements for each performance area and contact information for each performance area coordinator can be found below. After reading the audition requirements for your instrument and performance area, you must contact the corresponding area coordinator prior to recording and submitting your audition video(s).

Once cleared by your performance area coordinator, record your audition. Then,

     (1) upload your audition video to a private YouTube channel; and
     (2) by the applicable deadline, email the link(s) to your recorded audition and a completed audition form to your performance area coordinator.

Following receipt of your video audition, your performance area coordinator will contact you to set up a Zoom or phone interview.

If you have any questions about the audition process, it is your responsibility to contact the appropriate Performance Area Coordinator in a timely manner prior to published submission deadlines. Do not wait to complete your written application or for notice of acceptance before beginning preparation for your recorded audition.

Performance Area Coordinator Email
Classical Instrument Fred Irby, III
Classical Organ Mickey Thomas Terry
Classical Piano Karen Walwyn
Classical Voice Liana Valente
Jazz Instrument Charlie Young, III
Jazz Voice Connaitre Miller

Undergraduate Audition Requirements Requirements Last Updated: 2020-10-08 11:19 AM EST

Please download a computer-fillable audition form, complete the appropriate sections, and email the form and the link to your recorded audition materials to your performance area coordinator by the applicable audition deadline.

All auditions for admission to undergraduate study should include:

      technical exercises;

      scales and arpeggii; and

      at least three compositions of different periods and in different styles.

Additionally, please note the specific audition requirements in the following areas:

      • Jazz Studies Major

      • Performance Major (Classical)

      • String Studies