Financial Aid

Students should carefully review and avail themselves of the information presented on the Howard University Office of Student Financial Services website. While the Department of Music does award scholarships and grants to eligible, deserving students, competition is rigorous for limited funds. Students are therefore encouraged to explore all possible avenues of financial support for their college education.

Department of Music Financial Aid

(1) Financial aid is awarded only to individuals who have been admitted by both the University Office of Admission and the Department of Music.

(2) Scholarships and grant awards from Howard University funds are available only to students who complete the FREE APPLICATION FOR FEDERAL STUDENT AID ("FAFSA"). This form is used to determine eligibility for student financial aid, and should be prepared annually by all current and prospective students (undergraduate and graduate) applying for financial aid.

  • The FAFSA may be found online at
  • The FAFSA must be submitted before February 1st each year.
FAFSA Informational Flyer

(3) Any financial assistance recommended by the Department of Music may be reduced after analysis of the student's file by the Office of Financial Aid, depending on:

  • Other available funding sources (family income, Federal grants, etc.); and
  • University and Federal regulations.

(4) The Department of Music is unable to award full scholarships.

(5) Prospective students are eligible for Department of Music scholarships based on audition performance and recommendations from the faculty. 

(6) Music Scholarships are awarded for one semester or one academic year at a time only. Students must re-apply for scholarships each year. The Department of Music does not guarantee a specific scholarship amount from year-to-year. Additionally, please note the following:

Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP)

Continuing music students must successfully complete 70% of courses attempted each semester to be eligible for a Department of Music award the following semester. If the student has been awarded for the school year but then does not satisfy the SAP requirement in the Fall semester, then the Spring portion of the original award may be rescinded. Separately, if the Spring semester does not satisfy the SAP then the student is ineligible for a Departmental award the following semester. Such recaptured scholarship funds may be awarded to other eligible students. This policy allows academically successful students to receive additional assistance. 

Types and sources of financial aid available to music students.



Howard University Special Talent Scholarships

Eligibility for Special Talent Scholarships for music majors:

• Undergraduate students must maintain a minimum 2.5 Grade Point Average (GPA), including the semester prior to funding. Graduate students are required to maintain a 3.0 GPA.

• All students must submit the Department of Music Scholarship Application (web form) with appropriate signatures before February 1st each year.

• Full-time enrollment status is required.

• Participation in a departmental ensemble or accompanying service is required.

Howard University Trustee Scholarships

Eligibility for the Trustee Scholarships for undergrauate music majors:

• Student must have maintained a minimum 3.0 GPA for two consecutive semesters fall and spring only. Any other combination of enrollment will mean ineligibility.

• All students must submit the Department of Music Scholarship Application (web form) with appropriate signatures before February 1st each year.

• Full time enrollment status is required.

• Participation in a departmental ensemble or accompanying is required.

Other Sources of Financial Aid

Students are encouraged to do their own research and follow-up on leads for financial aid. Possible sources of financial aid include: College Aid Sources for Higher Education (CASHE), Financial Aid Resource System, Federal and State Loans, Work Study Programs, Federal and State Grants, Work Scholarships, public libraries, Howard University Office of Financial Aid, and many other public and private sources that can be located through Internet and library searches.

While these guidelines address some of the major issues concerning financial aid availability and eligibility, they should not be considered all-inclusive. For additional information, please visit the Howard University Office of Student Financial Services, or contact Dr. Liana Valente, chair, Department of Music Financial Aid Committee.

Listed below are a few possible sources of financial aid you might pursue. Howard University has no affiliation with any of these organizations.

National Federation of Music Clubs

Howard University is a member of the National Federation of Music Clubs. As such our students are able to apply for all scholarships without having to pay a membership fee; all HU students are members of NFMC. Each fall the Federation publishes a Competitions and Awards Chart which lists all of the scholarships and grants available to students and adults. Most deadlines occur in the spring of each year (February, March, April and May). Students and parents can explore the Federation website here: s

The current Competitions and Award Chart can be found here:

The 2019 – 2020 Chart will be uploaded to the NFMC website by mid-September.

United Negro College Fund (please note that their home page is currently not working, this is the scholarship search page)

The Scholly search website:

Other possible sources of scholarship information (as reported in The Philadelphia Tribune:

For additional information, contact Dr. Liana Valente - Chair, Department of Music Financial Aid Committee.

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