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The Department of Music's Centennial Celebration (2012-2014) marked both a milestone for the Department and a new beginning. To achieve our goals of increased scholarships and better professional training for our students, greater service to the community, and improved facilities requires the generous and continued support of our alumni and friends.

There are many ways in which to show your support:

Attend Our Events. Your attendance at our public concerts, recitals, lectures and other events lets our students know their work as young artists and music scholars is valued and appreciated in the larger community. Many of our events are free and open to the public. Please check our full Performance and Event Calendar for upcoming events which might be of interest.

Provide Opportunities. Apprising us of study, live music observation, financial aid, performance, internship and employment opportunities which might be appropriate for our students and graduates will help them to grow into mature artists. Please contact the Department of Music Office or a faculty member to share pertinent information.

<Support Our Piano Renewal Initiative. By far our most costly physical assets are the pianos that all of our students use for countless hours every day in practice rooms, teaching studios, classrooms, and performance and rehearsal halls. These instruments are subjected to an extraordinary amount of use over many, many years (often several decades), and therefore require regular maintenance, rebuilding and periodic replacement.

To raise awareness and help address this critical need, the Department officially launched its Piano Renewal Initiativewith a Masterclass and Mini-Concert Presented by Leon Bates on September 19, 2013.

If you have a high-quality piano in good condition that you are no longer using, or if you would like to purchase or contribute towards a new piano, please contact the Department of Music Office for more information regarding our specific needs.


Gifts in any amount are always welcome!


Thank you for your support!