Graduate Admissions

In order to be considered for admission to the Department of Music graduate program, all applicants must

     (1) apply to the University; and

     (2) audition and interview with the Department of Music.

These requirements are explained in detail below.  Please read and comply with all provisions of the admissions process.


When applying for graduate study in the Department of Music, applicants should comply with all requirements on the Department of Music website regarding graduate admission. Do not apply to the Howard University Graduate School or reference its requirements, policies or deadlines.

Deadlines for Receipt of the GradCAS™ Application & Supporting Documents

The deadlines for receipt of all written application materials are:

     November 1, 2022 – for admission in Spring 2023
     February 15, 2023 – for Regular Decision for admission in Fall 2023

All applications must be submitted online via the GradCASTM website.  See below.

Deadlines for Receipt of Recorded Audition Materials

     November 15, 2022 – for admission in Spring 2023
     March 2, 2023 – for Regular Decision for admission in Fall 2023

See below for specific instructions.

Prerequisites for Admission to the Graduate Program

All applicants to the graduate program in music must have earned either a BA, BS or BM degree in music granted by an accredited college or university. Applicants to the Music Education Master’s program must have earned a bachelor’s degree from an accredited music program with a completed major equivalent to certification by a state agency to teach music (K-12).

The applicant must have a cumulative GPA of no lower than 3.0 based on a 4.0 scale and a GPA of no lower than 3.0 in all major field courses for admission consideration.

All applications for graduate study must be approved by the Department of Music's Executive Committee. Any additional prerequisites will be determined after evaluation of the applicant's transcripts and entrance examinations. The Department of Music reserves the right to require any additional tests, performances, and/or interviews deemed necessary to fully evaluate an applicant or to determine his/her Graduate Classification.

If you have any questions regarding Graduate Study in Music at Howard University, please contact

     Dr. Guericke C. Royal
     Coordinator of Graduate Studies in Music
     (202) 806-7082

The Application Process in Detail

1.  Apply to the University

     a.  Application Deadlines

The deadlines for receipt of all written application materials are:

     November 1, 2022 – for admission in Spring 2023
     February 15, 2023 – for Regular Decision for admission in Fall 2023

     b.  The GradCAS Application

Howard University utilizes the services of the Graduate Centralized Application Service (GradCAS™) to assemble application materials. Interested applicants are encouraged to set up their GradCAS account and begin the application process early.

     • GradCAS Application for Graduate Study - For Spring 2023 Admission

     • GradCAS Application for Graduate Study - For Fall 2023 Admission

The following admissions materials must be submitted via the GradCAS website by applicable deadlines:

      GradCAS Application for Graduate Study;
      a non-refundable $38 application fee, to be paid online through the GradCAS website;
      Statement of Academic Interest & Professional Goals;
      Autobiographical Sketch;
      Three letters of recommendation (minimum); and
      Official transcripts from each university or college attended.

     c.  Special Requirements

          i. Music Education.  Music Education candidates also require

             a phone interview with a faculty member in the music education area;
            • two (2) letters of recommendation only; one from the student’s student teaching cooperating teacher and one from the student’s music education professor;
             a copy of the PRAXIS Music Content Exam score; and
             one year of teaching is preferred but not required.

          ii. Performance. For those wishing to major or minor in Performance, one of the three letters of recommendation must come from the most recent instructor in voice / instrument. Performance major applicants must also submit a complete list of compositions in their repertory.

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2.  Audition & Interview with the Department of Music

With the exception of recent Howard University music alumni (see next paragraph), all graduate applicants are required to pass an entrance audition and interview before being admitted to the program. The audition is of primary importance for admission to music graduate study.

Howard University Department of Music undergraduate alumni applying to the graduate program within two years after graduation may submit a copy of the program of their undergraduate senior recital to the appropriate performance area coordinator (see below) for consideration in lieu of the entrance audition.

     a.  Changes to This Year's Admissions Procedure: Recorded Auditions & Zoom Interviews

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Department of Music is requiring applicants to submit pre-recorded video admission auditions and conducting Zoom or telephone interviews for Spring 2022 admission. No in-person auditions will be held during the Fall 2021 semester.

Please note that on-campus auditions may be conducted in early 2022 for Fall 2022 admission. Applicants should contact the appropriate performance area coordinator for up-to-date information.

     b.  Deadlines for Receipt of Recorded Audition Materials

The deadlines for receipt of all recorded audition materials are:

     November 15, 2022 – for admission in Spring 2023
     March 2, 2023 – for Regular Decision for admission in Fall 2023

     c.  Review Audition Requirements and Consult Your Performance Area Coordinator

Carefully review the specific audition requirements for your performance area and instrument or voice:

     • Graduate Audition Requirements

After reviewing the applicable audition requirements, you MUST contact your Performance Area Coordinator prior to recording and submitting your audition video.

Classical Instrument
Fred Irby, III
Classical Organ
Mickey Thomas Terry
Classical Piano
Stephen Lynn Gibson
Classical Voice
Angela Powell Walker
Jazz Instrument
Charlie Young, III
Jazz Voice
Connaitre Miller

     d.  Record Your Audition

Once cleared by your Performance Area Coordinator, record your audition.

All applicants must submit a digital, audio and video recording via a private YouTube channel. No tapes, DVDs or audio-only recordings will be accepted.

There are many devices and applications that may be used to produce a digital recording, including smartphones, tablets and computers on both the PC and Mac operating systems. Please strive to make your recording of the highest possible quality, paying attention to camera and microphone placement, room acoustics and volume settings. Consider using external microphone(s) if possible.

     e.  Submit Your Recorded Audition

Once you have recorded your audition, then, by the applicable deadline,

     (1) create your own private YouTube channel;
     (2) upload your audition file to your private YouTube channel; and
     (3) email the link and a completed audition form to your area coordinator.

     f.  Interview

Following receipt of your video audition, your performance area coordinator will contact you to schedule a Zoom or telephone interview.

If you have any questions about the audition process, please contact the appropriate Performance Area Coordinator in a timely manner prior to published submission deadlines. Do not wait to complete your written application or for notice of acceptance by the University to begin preparing for your recorded audition.

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