Special Requirements

Recital Attendance

Recital attendance is an important part of the music student's training. All musicĀ majors are required to attend at leastĀ 75 percent of all Department of Music-sponsored recitals in each semester. A grade of unsatisfactory (U) will result if this minimum requirement is not met. Department of Music-sponsored recitals include the weekly student recitals, senior recitals, faculty recitals, and recitals and lectures by visiting artists.

A student receiving an unsatisfactory (U) grade in Student Recital must complete satisfactorily a 3-credit music course outside of the curricular requirements, selected by the student with the advisor's approval.

Change of Instructor

A request for change of private instructor may be considered before the junior year and may not be made without permission of the Area Coordinator and the Department of Music Chair.

The Performance Examination (Jury)

A Performance Examination is required each semester of all students who have completed two full semesters of private performance study at the major or minor level.

The Piano Proficiency Examination

The Piano Proficiency Examination is required of non-keyboard music majors and minors enrolled in Functional Piano courses for two years. This examination is also required of all Music Education majors as a prerequisite for student teaching. It may be taken at the end of any semester during the freshman or sophomore years upon recommendation of the piano instructor. Additional study beyond the required two years may be required to pass the proficiency examination. The exam must be passed by the end of the Junior year to achieve Senior classification and before any Graduation paperwork may be submitted.