Undergraduate Ensemble and Performance Requirements


All music students must participate for six semesters in a large ensemble of their area of performance, and two semesters in a small ensemble of their choice. The following ensemble experiences are available according to categories: Orchestral Instruments, Concert Band, Marching Band, Orchestra (available through the Consortium); Vocal, University Choir, University Chorale, University Collegium; Keyboard accompaniment for large and small ensembles; Jazz Studies; Jazz Ensembles; Music Education (Instrumental); Orchestra is required for six (6) semesters for string players. Six semesters of Band are required for wind and percussion players.


Performance requirements in the form of recital appearances are made by the students in their area of specialization. Recital descriptions and requirements follow:

1. Major Qualifying Recital: a 30 to 40 minute qualifying recital in the second semester of the sophomore year, required of students who desire certification for upper level study as Performance majors. This recital can not be presented in the same semester as the Senior Major Recital.

2. Senior Major Recital: a solo recital, of at least one-hour in length, required of all graduating seniors in a Performance major program.

3. Senior Minor Recital: given jointly by two students (in exceptional cases, three students). Music education majors of special attainment in their performance minor may be granted permission to give a full recital, upon recommendation of their private instructor and approval of the Performance Faculty.

4. Student Recital: weekly Recital is essentially a "performance laboratory." Beginning with the sophomore year, Performance majors are required to appear on student recitals twice each semester. Performance minors must appear at least once each year beginning in the sophomore year. Inclusion is made in collaboration with the instructor and student and with the approval of the Recital Coodinator.

See Recital Scheduling and Printed Program Requirements


Each student enrolled in performance instruction (private lessons) must perform at the end of each semester before a faculty panel.