Graduate Classical Voice Audition Requirements

The deadlines for receipt of all audition materials, including recordings and a completed audition form, are:

     November 15, 2021 – for admission in Spring 2022
     March 2, 2022 – for Regular Decision for admission in Fall 2022

Prior to recording your audition, you MUST contact your performance area coordinator:

     Liana Valente
     Coordinator of Classical Voice Studies

Once you have recorded your audition and uploaded it to a private YouTube channel,

     • download a computer-fillable audition form and complete the appropriate sections;
     • open a new email, address it to your performance area coordinator, and attach the audition form;
     place the link to your recorded audition materials in the body of the email; and
      send the email to your performance area coordinator by the applicable audition deadline.

Graduate Classical Voice Audition Requirements

Two ​art songs in English;

One early Italian ​art song;

Two German Lieder;

Two French Mélodie;

One aria from an opera or an oratorio; and

One 20th- ​or 21st-century art song.

One selection must be by an African-American composer.

Candidates may sing to any pre-recorded accompaniment or with live accompaniment.

An interview will follow the audition—either immediately after a live audition, or by Zoom or telephone call at a future scheduled time for a recorded audition.